Guns in the Home

United Studios Personal Safety and Awareness Tip for June
Guns in the home
Firearms in the home are the leading cause of injury and death to unsupervised children in the home. Children are curious and know far more than most adults would like to admit. If it is an absolute necessity to keep weapons in the home be-sure they are kept in a secure place in accessible to children. Preferably, they should be locked in a tamper proof box or case and the ammunition should be kept in a separate location from the weapon. For additional safety, each weapon should have a trigger lock.
Imagine this scenario. Two children while playing in a park get into a minor argument. “The threats escalate culminating in with one child threatening to go home to get his dad’s gun.” What happens next?
What m...

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Karate Rocks!

Kids Ad Slick1252014 copy

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Adults Valentine Day Special 2014



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Bully Buster Workshop

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Kids Nunchuk Seminar


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Dodgeball Tournament

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Attitude Makes The Difference


By Renshi Enzo Aliotta


It has been said that little things don’t mean a lot they mean everything...

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2013 KIDS Holiday Party at United Studios PMA

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The Reality of Life Is That We Must Take Charge

Renshi Enzo Aliotta

I have heard a great mentor say, “I do not know how I got volunteered to be in this position, but I have been asked to lead and I will take charge.”

This message is simple. When put in a leadership position, you must lead.  At some point in life if your influence is strong, others will look toward you for leadership and guidance.

Many have heard of the concept of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). This is extremely important whether you choose to become a great leader or just want to survive and thrive at a higher level. On the contrary, a positive mental attitude can only take you so far. The reality of success in life will always be from TAKING ACTION.

Our positive mental attitude is the fuel, but ACTION is the spark!  Thomas Huxley once said, “The great end of l...

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Plant The Right Seeds To Grow Your Harvest!

By Renshi Enzo Aliotta


We have all heard many times over that attitude is everything.  Some say thoughts become things.  Others say “what you put into your mind is what you get out.” The list goes on and on…

I especially like the one that Earl Nightingale says, “You are who you are and where you are because of what you put into your mind.”  I guess you can tell where this article is going.

If you want to reap the benefits of a strong financial future, a better lifestyle, and more health and happiness, you must plant the appropriate seeds of greatness and adjust your attitude accordingly.

From today forward think of your financial life as a harvest...

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